Why Did I Start My Channel?
Why Did I Start My Channel
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I wanted to explain the purpose of my channel before I went ahead to upload series of videos.

There are two purposes for establishing my channel:

Purpose # 1: Talk about entrepreneurship as to how to start, grow, sustain, and sell a business. While we are talking about this, I am also going to have guest entrepreneurs from other countries to learn from each other.

Purpose # 2: I will be sharing periodical feedback on two startups of ours to reinforce the first purpose. In other words, these two startups will be the real-life examples of what we can do as entrepreneurs.

First one is “Chatty Pix”, which is a technology startup in Augmented Reality arena. We will be taking this company from children’s flashcards into Direct Mail industry (and more industries on the way.)

The second one is “Biavexia”, which is a supplement startup. We plan on taking this company all the way to IPO, as we go through A, B, C fundraising.

Stay tuned… Fun is yet to come ๐Ÿ™‚

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